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The Pingjiang Lodge (Pingjiang Kezhan) is a traditional Chinese-style hotel converted from a Ming Dynasty mansion belonging to the Fang family. This Suzhou hotel is just a five-minute walk from Guanqian pedestrian street and a five-minute drive from the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Suzhou Museum.

Rooms are designed to complement local traditions and include cloistered gardens, wooden pillars and tiled roofs.

Guests can enjoy light snacks and cappucinos at the coffee bar, while other facilities available to guests include five conference rooms good for meetings and parties which accommodate up to 150 people.[View Detail]
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  • lyjandxx
    Cost-effective, clean, service was good
  • casper_yu
    Old House, charm, recommended renovation renovations to improve occupancy comfort.
  • amello
    Quiet old House, near Ping Jiang Road, experience the South bed and breakfasts of choice
  • LD136
    Which is very nice
  • bestwangyi
    Very very poor, room very heavy mold taste, not ventilation not ventilation, live has a late, husband second days morning fainted, up can't. Hotel waiter attitude very bad, no tube no asked, back has room, husband cannot moving, let took a short Chair sat, no. let you mat sat, no. results, I himself in lobby took has cushions put in ground, let husband lying with. let help taxi, himself playing. people in hotel not comfortable, out of thing, even a stepped in asked of people are no. service personnel, playingPhone calls, play with the mobile phone.
  • liutongwu
    A rainy, damp on the first floor, dispensers for free we upgraded our suite on the second floor, service da stick!
  • loaferwang
    Super nice, always wanted to live this antique hotel. and next to old street, the feeling of a small bridge Blige. Inn staff have a good well, strongly recommended!
  • julixing
    Feels weird old House, the first floor is dark.
  • Alldreammylove
    Like the hotel, under a small bridge, flowing water, Liu Yin, Bazaar, vivid images in ancient times. One great House of Suzhou, only to discover that each bedroom and the living room have their own world.
  • luolanlover
    All right
  • linping1976
    Good location, old house smells good. experience two kinds of rooms, Deluxe rooms and superior suites are good.
  • eagle1098
    In the scenic heart of hotel facilities, and around convenience.
  • elva73
    Very good
  • maofeng
    Antique, special, small bridges people
  • gid1412
    Gold location, the price is high. If wants to experience through sense, can attempts to different Yu modern hotel of feel, as long as night didn't want to with what strange, also is sleep have is comfortable, but I also is somewhat not adapted. make in the take static of place, a seat 450 years history of old House, room within facilities antique, old furniture distributed out unique of taste, November of Suzhou has cold, but air conditioning is to force, can.
  • Icy817
    Antique and old houses, a lot of flavor, it is worth a try
  • ellaliu0928
    Location is very good, lived 400 years old house interesting. within the hotel is new, but recommends heat strengthened any more.
  • tening
    Environment and health as well as the hotel facilities unfavorably. will not go back again, and better Hotel than this
  • antorly
    This is what I have been looking for, dream hotel! antique, China had only one, right?
  • list1999
    Very unique hotel have a Miss purdah dream. the location is also very good!
  • dai28
    Good location, in pingjiang Lu Niu Jia Xiang, make quiet. old House changed, antique. likes this style, so to Suzhou has lived here, from the opening to the present, a lot of times. Because it is a old House, so the House will always look old. Biggest drawback is that good old House, outside his air-conditioned machine installed in it can be noisy outside. generally slightly larger room with two or three air conditioning, not very hot in summer. The door will have aOfficers sent to your room, help you to plug in the card. Reception is good and bad. when request a reservation for a quiet, stay away from air conditioning machines outside of. shop also said the request, the result is arranged outside a window at three places room, really can be.
  • f17098
    OK, near pingjiang Rd, travel is easy
  • dyf-711
    Which is very nice
  • Beyondcloud
    The hotel is in a great location. It is an historic building that has been made into a hotel, but somehow it still feels like it has not been adequately updated. The staff at the desk did not seem to be very friendly. My friend found the bed to be too firm for comfort.
  • junxu119
    Don't know how many times, and each trip to Suzhou pingjiang for sure, also found a significant problem, the price is not transparent, twice the same room pay the money but not the same, because her husband's parents don't want to go to your counterpart so was silent, hopes the store price standard as soon as possible, don't let customers down.
  • lele050708
    The location of the hotel is nothing to say, and hotel service is no service, hotel can't Park. room feels the lights to sleep, also walk chatter. General worth 700 bucks
  • joepeng335
    Very good! authentic Chinese flavor!
  • selan
    Hotel is very dirty, especially in room carpet, dirty disgusting
  • guernica
    House styles, hardware, but not worthy of 700 Yuan a night. software doesn't work, front desk attitude is outrageous. want a bag, says no, or handyman man said take me to food and beverage. luggage and reluctant, even Youth Hostel
  • bessel
    Turn a corner said pingjiang road very convenient
  • ALEE188
    Good location, is the pingjiang Lu to eat around there at night market, the old House Inn, some rooms on the first floor and yin, poor sound, very good on the second floor, in General may stay there again
  • fengwan1971
    Really bad service worse
  • maywang1999
    In pingjiang road, location is not great! old town centre where is very convenient, came back in the evening you can visit pingjiang road, old House to live in have feelings, too
  • tetexman
    Wonderful old-fashioned hotel in the heart of Suzhou. Romantic oasis with ancient taste. Definetly suggested.
  • Panda-Liu
    Well, near the pingjiang Street, is also close from guanqian Street, antique, slightly higher prices, breakfast is not included and cost less.
  • e00436711
    Close to pingjiang road can be hard to play back tired and went to sleep.
    Experience the charm of old houses in Suzhou at the outset, but now not clean. rooms and on the Internet are not the same. out-of-town friends, so he arranged for a day.
  • Big bang
    Very good hotel, Garden wonders, old buildings, rooms are comfortable, reasonably priced, in pingjiang road, dining and shopping is very convenient for tourism
  • BB768
    In addition to the good, good
  • jilin76
    Nice very nice
  • at883865
    Nice, quaint, very good, next time you will set this Inn.
  • evasit
    Quite good of features Hotel, on in pingjiang history protection features Street road, shopping features street is convenient, and hotel management in place, has hand to Porter unattended, is Festival to of, room distribution has big air conditioning, is warm. antique, shortcomings is because live in a floor, rain of when rain playing in air conditioning outdoor machine Shang noise very big, also has is room noise effect bad, General for also can, next to Suzhou also to consider live this
  • mymymy1206
    Suzhou features
  • ananyuyu
    Not expensive Inn, is very local, all-wooden facility feel like in Tang and Song dynasties in the rain in the South of Yangtze, go out the pingjiang road has a lot of tapas and bars, but was not heard in the room was poor sound insulation is, after all, old houses, is joy greater than worries. was very satisfied!
  • gamasu
    Static service environment garden style
  • cindy105096951
    Antique and worth living
  • clj1011
    Typical old house remodeling pingjiang road convenient and rooms on the first floor of the Inn is a little musty
  • angel_li7699
    Tune Inn, seems to return to the distant ancient water years, experience thick Chinese culture. like the Inn!
  • cy8023cy
    Good, quiet, ancient, through the warm rays of the Sun in the room, very comfortable feeling
  • baiyun3208
    Very good, also rose, the only small drawback is the shower leaks.