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The Pingjiang Lodge (Pingjiang Kezhan) is a traditional Chinese-style hotel converted from a Ming Dynasty mansion belonging to the Fang family. This Suzhou hotel is just a five-minute walk from Guanqian pedestrian street and a five-minute drive from the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Suzhou Museum.Rooms are designed to complement local traditions and include cloistered gardens,  wooden pillars and tiled roofs.[View Detail]

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  • cissyii
    Location is very good, can feel like Suzhou, even if it is raining in the Inn, will not feel bored.
  • Beyondcloud
    The hotel is in a great location. It is an historic building that has been made into a hotel, but somehow it still feels like it has not been adequately updated. The staff at the desk did not seem to be very friendly. My friend found the bed to be too firm for comfort.
  • jiaojian2006
    So years, see with pingjiang road increasingly commercial, various hotel have sprung up out to, here real of Suzhou old house features of hotel of price is has been didn't moving. so now seems, price advantage very highlight. but problem also is highlight, almost is five-star of external environment four star of room layout even below budget hotel of wash supplies. how said does? towel many hole also in with, wash sent liquid and bathing liquid really not know is what constitute of, almost notFoams, also worried about its composition. WIFI need to borrow equipment. recommends that the boss makes, or is bad.
  • alex_dd
    Surroundings characteristic, also Suzhou hotel features
  • e00523087
    Sounds good, recommended
  • doyle32
    Very unique, convenient location
  • acpsm2
    It wasn't too bad
  • eugenio
    Location is very good, go out the pingjiang historic Street, we stayed one night didn't get a good night's sleep, the air conditioning in the yard outside the machine, to his train, rumbling, another room is filled with the smell of paint, says the little courtyard and the rooms of ancient color well.
  • xueww126
    I was really blown away by this hotel. I stayed on the ground floor in the Wu Wei suite. After spending all day walking around suzhou gardens, it was amazing to come home to a house that was almost more beautiful than the ones we spent all day sightseeing. Was like traveling to a different time period.
  • e02206743
    Service is very good, especially the front desk tell good at home, and commended! leave Windows open for ventilation, then rain, a phone call back, would have to close the window. and so on, small very nice at the front desk?
  • Milliant
    Room mirror is not easy
  • ansonliu
    Hotel location is good, on in pingjiang roadside Shang, is by party home mansion alterations of. is has features of, but because is old House, in facilities aspects on poor has. room is unlikely to, bathroom in room middle, accounted for to has is big part space, actually bathroom of bathtub can removed, both shower room, and has bathtub, in room area is unlikely to of situation Xia no necessary. bed next has a door, to put equipment of yard, this door is vintage wood door, has is big of sewing, willAir leakage ... two of our rooms are on the first floor, feeling relatively dark, old air conditioning equipment, any unusual noise, if you did not live in this old House, you can try ... Oh, there's more, parking very convenient, hotel car park, in front of the road can not stop a few cars.
  • mida2002
    It wasn't too bad
  • cindy105096951
    Antique and worth living
  • d01318004
    Good location, go out the pingjiang road, from the humble Administrator's Garden lion Grove 15 minutes away on foot. antique hotel, service very good, but no WiFi.
  • luolanlover
    All right
  • list1999
    Very unique hotel have a Miss purdah dream. the location is also very good!
  • cutewing
    As always, will be admitted.
  • loaferwang
    Super nice, always wanted to live this antique hotel. and next to old street, the feeling of a small bridge Blige. Inn staff have a good well, strongly recommended!
  • aixinjueluo
    very good place to stay. i will recomend it for all my freinds and family
  • f1382160
    Sewer smell is serious, rooms are not soundproof, quilt very fashionable.
  • EsterYan
    Great environment, is bathroom health somewhat reluctantly
  • smilesong
    Old, the price is not high. good location, unfortunately there is no car park
  • fanyanling
    Environment is quiet, elegant, lovely place!
  • bingbao78
    Site characteristics, the surrounding environment and most of Suzhou. Poor facilities, namely ordinary Inn standards, but the service detail than an ordinary hotel.
  • lonelyfox
    Suzhou accommodation designated hotel, feel good.
  • rainlui
    Directly upgrade a late hotel suite, downstairs is the large table upstairs room. hotels in pingjiang road travel, which is very convenient, but because of an old house so the taste is a bit heavy, bathroom feel depressed. hotel breakfast, but find a place to eat in pingjiang road is also very convenient.
  • gooday
    Always very friendly and elegant environment, but parking is too much trouble, others are great.
  • cy8023cy
    Good, quiet, ancient, through the warm rays of the Sun in the room, very comfortable feeling
  • e01744676
    Nice, but too old! Nice!
  • Evilmoon
    This hotel on in famous of history blocks pingjiang road, is a seat 450 years of old House does. to Suzhou play of really of to live pingjiang road! Inn internal antique of decoration I very like, live in inside on seems really of returned to has in Ming and Qing dynasties. service well on nothing special of impression has, than Southeast Asia hotel of service. service is bruising, just can do barely has asked has answer. hotel front desk and cannot active active of for customer provides help. we check out day Xia rain, wants toHelp about taxi at the front desk, and results tailed off at the front desk refused to say no guarantee about, we can see the streets are empty. I am not satisfied about this. Inn location I very like with the environment.
  • priestlv
    Good!, good location closer to attractions is going to, Golden Bridge restaurant on the road a lot, to old eating and guanqian Street near! following overnight rain, rain on the leaves, listening to the rain, poetic, I feel wonderful. luggage may be left at the front desk, the service is good!
  • e00722482
    Location was great, the environment is also very good, full of watery feeling, great antique, used to live when they play here, this time playing together with friends is recommended. are satisfied with
  • linyuan1112
    Hotel is very special, hotel located in pingjiang Road area, convenient. bar next to the hotel is very good?
  • bluepoint1972
    Very tasteful.
  • daiyingfly
    It's cold
  • at883865
    Nice, quaint, very good, next time you will set this Inn.
  • ilaria
    Hotel is very characteristic, 500 years of Chinese-style rooms at the old house was to adapt.
  • Alldreammylove
    Like the hotel, under a small bridge, flowing water, Liu Yin, Bazaar, vivid images in ancient times. One great House of Suzhou, only to discover that each bedroom and the living room have their own world.
  • lawxiong
    First time staying at this type of hotel, a little new, very unique. Suzhou, Suzhou experience flavor for tourists, here is a good place to spend the night.
  • strpop
    I heard very good, very quiet
  • laura_suxiu
    This trip to Suzhou the only impression the worst hotel, no one! Unique advantage is really in pingjiang road, it really is 'River view' ... ... The bathroom, the Windows of the room are the pingjiang road, and tourists apart ... ... Less than 5 metres! visitors from time to time flashes flashes. The old House, the room was large, really. but structural problems, someone moving dub sound of the room on the second floor, the most rare is to the side of the corridor walls are glass, glass, wall! curtains are pulled loose! corridorPeople are looking in! Facilities ... ... Old bed of old chairs I know, characteristic of the old House, but you haven't even produced in the 20th century before tub is old dregs is all about?! Towels were torn, water bath barrel, rusty shower head, shower no lights depends on bathroom lights! bath slippery slippery does not know what is the matter. Hotel is completely open during the day, and that any curious passers-by can go straight to youDoor! ~ certainly has the person on duty--an old man didn't wear uniforms that hang nearly spit out phlegm every few minutes ... ... His old man where have so much phlegm?! Well, is the old man on duty, check out just cleaners, just want to let them into the room, convenient check-out without them back up again to the receipt of the notification, then ... ... The man on duty ... ... Follow up room! at that time my wife and IAlso in the room it! and also has some good bits and pieces of luggage is confiscated, we clean up, then the old man in front of our faces and cleaners to judge our luggage! what's going on?! I travel on business for so many years has never seen such a wonderful thing! Complained to the front desk when you check out, cold back, Oh yes, we know: p TM ~ you know! Not yet ... ... When booking letter brushCredit card pre-authorization to me directly to the credit card at check out time there money! I! credit card charges you to?! They said; we didn't say it all ~ ~ you have to brush the other ~ ~ ~ did you ask me?! And then asked him to cancel the transaction, he said ~ can't cancel ~ ~ ~ all ~ ~ ~ and then directly receive other people hanging out there ~! we Suzhou is famous for its service nationwide, a few days before, theyKind and thought other stingy people blather, which is an eye-opener! Don't say this hotel, this place I do not come back with the Suzhou! Chose this hotel I'm Japanese dog!
  • gxdlyt
    Location is good, room is not new but facilities are OK, feeling of antiquity, not for the first time live
  • fedor_lan
    The hotel is good, very old
  • maywang1999
    In pingjiang road, location is not great! old town centre where is very convenient, came back in the evening you can visit pingjiang road, old House to live in have feelings, too
  • luweixiong
    Garden is beautiful, but poor accommodation comfort curtains all bad cannot be opened, black long Dong House the day like a ghost, really noisy, can overcome a late, price not high not recommended
  • cira_guo
    Chinese courtyard environment is very good, have the feeling of old home!
  • Gregary
    Travel fast and easy environment you can recommend
  • e01652597
    Too distinctive hotel, location is also good, turn left out is the pingjiang road, evening walk around the restaurant good. Hotel muliangwa, cloister small garden, quiet and serene, retained the Ming and Qing dynasty, Republic of China and the cultural relics of the days of the cultural revolution. Of Suzhou traditional house layout of the room, the bed is carved wooden bed with a gauze curtain, bed was very comfortable, but the yarn above there are several patches, a bit unpleasant, is this so simple and unsophisticated style? room and bathroom very clean, which ILive a little bit on the first floor flows, others are very good. Sunny in the morning going to the yard for a walk, take good landscapes.
  • jpdeng
    Recent trip to Suzhou, are his family, especially his family, live on the first floor, door is a small yard. in pingjiang road, stroll tired, buy some snacks and tea back and rest a while, and then continue.