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The Pingjiang Lodge (Pingjiang Kezhan) is a traditional Chinese-style hotel converted from a Ming Dynasty mansion belonging to the Fang family. This Suzhou hotel is just a five-minute walk from Guanqian pedestrian street and a five-minute drive from the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Suzhou Museum.

Rooms are designed to complement local traditions and include cloistered gardens, wooden pillars and tiled roofs.

Guests can enjoy light snacks and cappucinos at the coffee bar, while other facilities available to guests include five conference rooms good for meetings and parties which accommodate up to 150 people.[View Detail]
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  • elva73
    Very good
  • gid1412
    Gold location, the price is high. If wants to experience through sense, can attempts to different Yu modern hotel of feel, as long as night didn't want to with what strange, also is sleep have is comfortable, but I also is somewhat not adapted. make in the take static of place, a seat 450 years history of old House, room within facilities antique, old furniture distributed out unique of taste, November of Suzhou has cold, but air conditioning is to force, can.
  • tening
    Environment and health as well as the hotel facilities unfavorably. will not go back again, and better Hotel than this
  • antorly
    This is what I have been looking for, dream hotel! antique, China had only one, right?
  • list1999
    Very unique hotel have a Miss purdah dream. the location is also very good!
  • f17098
    OK, near pingjiang Rd, travel is easy
  • dyf-711
    Which is very nice
  • junxu119
    Don't know how many times, and each trip to Suzhou pingjiang for sure, also found a significant problem, the price is not transparent, twice the same room pay the money but not the same, because her husband's parents don't want to go to your counterpart so was silent, hopes the store price standard as soon as possible, don't let customers down.
  • lele050708
    The location of the hotel is nothing to say, and hotel service is no service, hotel can't Park. room feels the lights to sleep, also walk chatter. General worth 700 bucks
  • joepeng335
    Very good! authentic Chinese flavor!
  • selan
    Hotel is very dirty, especially in room carpet, dirty disgusting
  • guernica
    House styles, hardware, but not worthy of 700 Yuan a night. software doesn't work, front desk attitude is outrageous. want a bag, says no, or handyman man said take me to food and beverage. luggage and reluctant, even Youth Hostel
  • ALEE188
    Good location, is the pingjiang Lu to eat around there at night market, the old House Inn, some rooms on the first floor and yin, poor sound, very good on the second floor, in General may stay there again
  • fengwan1971
    Really bad service worse
  • maywang1999
    In pingjiang road, location is not great! old town centre where is very convenient, came back in the evening you can visit pingjiang road, old House to live in have feelings, too
  • Panda-Liu
    Well, near the pingjiang Street, is also close from guanqian Street, antique, slightly higher prices, breakfast is not included and cost less.
    Experience the charm of old houses in Suzhou at the outset, but now not clean. rooms and on the Internet are not the same. out-of-town friends, so he arranged for a day.
  • Big bang
    Very good hotel, Garden wonders, old buildings, rooms are comfortable, reasonably priced, in pingjiang road, dining and shopping is very convenient for tourism
  • BB768
    In addition to the good, good
  • jilin76
    Nice very nice
  • at883865
    Nice, quaint, very good, next time you will set this Inn.
  • mymymy1206
    Suzhou features
  • gamasu
    Static service environment garden style
  • cy8023cy
    Good, quiet, ancient, through the warm rays of the Sun in the room, very comfortable feeling
  • aiacc
    Hotel basic services to speak of, front desk reception was not warm, but the surrounding area is good, and I like old houses also calculate. rooms bed linen and towels have holes, but still clean and equipment is complete. in addition to the television will not open, the phone is the device, with a net deposit to rent a router ... ...
  • cissyii
    Location is very good, can feel like Suzhou, even if it is raining in the Inn, will not feel bored.
  • doria
    All right
  • angel53022cn
    Overall performance is not high
  • amour2009
    Great houses, there is a smell of the toilet so I can't accept
  • amybaby2008
    Beautiful antique ornaments
  • timliu008
    But the screens are fine
  • eleven08
    In pingjiang road, the traffic is very convenient, from the area near antique, there is no parking lot, wireless networks to deposit, satisfaction, next time you have the opportunity to choose
  • ying_py
    Really good
  • bjlly1
    Good facilities, not for the protection of ancient buildings, rooms quiet
  • bingbao78
    Site characteristics, the surrounding environment and most of Suzhou. Poor facilities, namely ordinary Inn standards, but the service detail than an ordinary hotel.
  • a6111
    Was is antique, with children to of, he is like. problem is a, tub in was staying on has water, not know is II floor water pipeline of problem, anyway didn't dare with, also is shower has; II, midnight corridor in a fan window was wind blow open has, PA PA of ring, began has been not know what voice, was noisy of sleep not with, to has after midnight, next door family out off I only know, is details do of also not in place. lots really good, night out around very convenient.
  • b_rabbite
    Very nice old houses, a lot of flavor, and quiet.
  • ltom119
    Antique, environment compared like. is health and service lacks, spent sprinkled are rotten off has, ringing with; bathroom has taste, waiter stay life cold; actually October mid-is off-season, full can better some. advantage is, Inn on in pingjiang junction Shang, location is good. Inn of temperament also is compared ancient, is has South garden of features, if can again detailed some, that on better has.
  • li777m
    Ping Jiang Lodge hotel is quite distinctive, this has been dubbed my girlfriends and three master room-there is a cross-
  • jsrui
    Old House, service, make
  • wangxin628
    Is the second time, it was very good.
  • Alan2008
    Don't know how many times, and each trip to Suzhou pingjiang for sure, also found a significant problem, the price is not transparent, twice the same room pay the money but not the same, because her husband's parents don't want to go to your counterpart so was silent, hopes the store price standard as soon as possible, don't let customers down.
  • dongfan722
    Small-slip road in pingjiang road, location quite good. There is no parking space, to park the car outside. Inn room is very large, is that some dogs, but very clean. is a small courtyard outside our room, great.
  • Silence1974
    Good location, in a street near the entrance, the traffic is very convenient, stroll along some ancient streets is also very convenient ~ Inn in a small courtyard, the Jiangnan feelings ~
  • jerry3227
    Too, or is it just star standard room
  • e00772645
  • e00523087
    Sounds good, recommended
  • baddogen
    The carpet is a little dirty, lobby very characteristic
  • ecnuywp
    Hotel reality and online introduced and the photos match, is old houses alterations, has rich of South taste. staying of is luxury big bed room, in II floor, except walking Shi floor movement compared big, noise poor (estimated all old House are inevitably) yiwai, other aspects are is Rod, bed sleep have is comfortable. hotel within has several small garden, can slowly taste. service aspects, room within of wood barrels within has residual of water, feel not health, so not using, hope can caused attention.
  • controller
    Located in pingjiang road, convenient, and many attractions are nearby, pingjiang was a romantic way, and wandered slowly. Inn is a House rebuilt in the Ming dynasty, it is characteristic of old houses in the South, family love, just slightly narrow houses.