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Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge is located at 33 Niujia lane, in the center of Suzhou ancient city. It is only 5 minutes' drive from Guanqian Street, and 5 minutes' drive from Zhuozheng garden, Suzhou Museum and other famous scenic spots. It is 10 minutes' drive to the industrial park. It is very convenient for sightseeing and business activities.
It was originally a famous family 'Fangjia mansion' in Ming Dynasty, which was rebuilt from ancient houses in Gusu. The history of the inn can be traced back from the Ming Dynasty to the cultural revolution. The guest rooms of the inn are arranged according to Suzhou traditional dwellings, with wooden beams and tile roofs, corridors and small gardens. Rooms are equipped with independent bathrooms and cooling and heating systems.
There is a 'dining room' style restaurant in the hotel, which mainly cooks authentic Suzhou cuisine and gathers local delicacies. The hotel also has a coffee bar, five multi-function halls of different sizes, and complete leisure and business facilities.
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FAQs when booking at Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge.

  • Does Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Suzhou Pingjiang Lodge?

    Each costs cny28 for extra breakfast.

Reviews more
  • fengwan1971
    Really bad service worse
  • fuxyn
    Very unique hotels, beautiful environment, especially this season
  • MissMelody
    Pingjiang road very close to, the environment is also good and worthwhile experience.
  • nansydai
    Old house built, a sense of design or feeling ancient
  • e02296333
    Good location, hotel is quite special, and Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of feelings, bath tub is good
  • anviva
    Hotel is located in downtown, away from pingjiang Street is near, feel is new development of a article blocks, somewhat small Wuzhen of feel. youth must like. and live in here if to views Qian Street, lion forest, clumsy political Park, are is convenient, just in among. but parking very not convenient, hotel no stopped garage, need stopped to near other parking each hours 6 Yuan. room internal decoration is ancient, but facilities does not how.
  • Jmonstr
    A feeling to a room to hit me
  • abey88
    Ming and Qing architectural old House, deep in the bamboo forests of small, independent houses, quiet pleasant. good location around the city are extremely convenient, room service facilities, and thoughtful service.
  • clj1011
    Typical old house remodeling pingjiang road convenient and rooms on the first floor of the Inn is a little musty
  • nancy_4952229
    One of the most distinctive hotels in Suzhou
  • Diabloeternal
    More features and services in General.
  • yangyaxiong
    Very unique
  • first time
    Very unique building, location is quite good, which is ping Jiang Road.
  • lingxing2008
    Second, very much.
  • acton_lee
    Ping Jiang culture Street in lively
  • jane760329
    Well worth recommending.
  • tango2010
    Location is very good, ping Jiang Road.
  • baiyun3208
    Very good, also rose, the only small drawback is the shower leaks.
  • Eric611
    By 2 bit colleagues recommended set has pingjiang Inn ~ found has only found found treasure has ~ first traffic very convenient out is pingjiang history blocks cat of Sky concept Bookstore, all kinds of small fresh of stores distance views Qian Street 5 minutes (shopping of speed OH) distance Pro meal road Metro also on 3 minutes of distance ~~ into theme, Inn overall is a 300-400 years of old house alterations of from lobby to rooms of doors and Windows desks TV cabinet even Cup,Maintained the original style makes a cross to feel in love with Chinese-style style friends will certainly fell in love with it! Room and bathroom very clean ~ old houses because of the architecture of the room is very very broad visual perception! While living in city center but quiet Inn is best described to Suzhou after ~ this ~ recommended!
  • fyxiong
    Antique value
  • nicolejn
    Think the price is not very high.
  • nmsea
    Good of hotel is it of itself is a at landscape, this not waste trip, because was on wants to live in pingjiang road next, so without hesitation of select has it. Inn of each room are has a elegant of name, this staying of is General big bed room 'bamboo', pattern very chic, will room type using have is good, although is old House but facilities also is modern of, into ancient of decoration style, bathroom spacious easy. Inn predecessor is party home mansion, so internal is big, many songTrail through quiet, green is very harmonious, quiet quiet, we carefully go under, took a lot of photos, there are ruins of the cultural revolution is worth a look. Talk about the disadvantages, 1, we live in the room located on the ground floor on the side of most, is above the stairs, was awakened by the sound of footsteps up and down early in the morning, old wooden stairs that footsteps in the night is a bit shocking! next time stay on the second floor! 2, because it is the rainy season, no such as dehumidification in the room plusCharacteristics of the old House, quilt very tidal, but still clean.
  • Bradny
    Sanitation and infrastructure is not so good, can also
  • danysin
    Nice antique distinctive
  • biaoyou
    Old House, very sensible. But this season, it's too cold, not suitable for living, air conditioning has been opened, but it was very cold. The bath water is not very good, staying the night there is no hot water, hot water in the morning. Of the furniture is antique, but looks very rough. But my son was like ~ ~ ~ ~
  • D26207282
    Will come to
  • joveaiwawa
    Introduction like very high, just after the arrival of feeling pretty good, atmosphere, service very good. but the second night our two-room circuit problem occurs, a room air conditioner can not open, one night power failure. next to the front desk to check out another way, turned out to be that originally is the old House, you will have to put up with this bad situation! Will not be staying, not to recommend friends stay.
  • cpy0501
    Location and environment are very good.
  • ansonliu
    Hotel location is good, on in pingjiang roadside Shang, is by party home mansion alterations of. is has features of, but because is old House, in facilities aspects on poor has. room is unlikely to, bathroom in room middle, accounted for to has is big part space, actually bathroom of bathtub can removed, both shower room, and has bathtub, in room area is unlikely to of situation Xia no necessary. bed next has a door, to put equipment of yard, this door is vintage wood door, has is big of sewing, willAir leakage ... two of our rooms are on the first floor, feeling relatively dark, old air conditioning equipment, any unusual noise, if you did not live in this old House, you can try ... Oh, there's more, parking very convenient, hotel car park, in front of the road can not stop a few cars.
  • anncy
    Beautiful antique ornaments
  • lxy881
    As a family hotel, good
  • bruceluan1
    Pingjiang road next to each other, not so good sound insulation; experience once upon a time a great House old House, also is a good choice.
    Very nice hotel, cost-effective, local features, is a typical Southern style. waiters are warm, health is also good, very clean ... good location, convenient.
  • dionne
    Suitable for experiential travel, hotels are very carefully, but the old House decided the air-conditioning soundproof facilities are not satisfactory and not feeling very comfortable.
  • carmens
    Good of staying experience, with vintage of House transformation of hotel is interesting, first times live such of features hotel. inside of furniture, door, window are is antique of. is carpet old has, into new of on better has. but has is everyone to note Oh, day bath water not hot, only barely is temperature of, this weather also can, winter will cold died has, but to has night on good has, water on variable hot has, estimated this hotel only night only put boiler open from, dayIs holding the rest of the evening.
  • e03156314
    Good hotel! very classical. through feeling! next business trip
  • Alan2008
    I don't know how many times I have come here. Every time I go to Suzhou, I must stay in Pingjiang inn. So I also find an obvious problem. The price is not transparent. Twice I live in the same room, but I pay different money. Because my parents in law don't want to be unhappy, so they don't say anything. I hope the store can regulate the price standard as soon as possible, and don't let old customers down.
  • feiyunxp
    Ancient architecture, different kind of feeling, but I feel
  • lsweetyy
    Hotel very well where net only 370 Yuan, so opt out. why so different from a shop, the result went to the store costs less than going to the net, why would also go online or call
  • alfur
    Bath water is not hot
  • e04362884
    Very unique
  • dandan198637
    Good location, but in winter, not suitable for living, air conditioning not work
  • Ariel66
    The room sanitation is too bad, sorry for the price, the only thing you can do is the antique streets around!
  • Carol Ma
    Hotels close to pingjiang, environment unique, antique garden and rooms, put people in Suzhou wet stories, experiences a scholarly life in ancient ... clean, comfortable, elegant ... can come again.
  • e02097619
    Pingjiang street old house! a South ... ...
  • dudu0606
    Quiet environment, retro style, the room was big, is the mosquito has a few
  • guernica
    House styles, hardware, but not worthy of 700 Yuan a night. software doesn't work, front desk attitude is outrageous. want a bag, says no, or handyman man said take me to food and beverage. luggage and reluctant, even Youth Hostel
  • angel_li7699
    Tune Inn, seems to return to the distant ancient water years, experience thick Chinese culture. like the Inn!
  • Ma-Angel
    Very retro, and ancient feelings completely, in pingjiang road
  • cailebao
    Hotels in old style, likes, but hotel facilities General, toilet was not water, tossing the only fix, but is old, and praise one!
  • doria
    All right
  • lingrg
    Second, the old rules. atmosphere, do not pay attention to the other............... ...
  • Liyijing
    You can try, old homes, location is perfect
  • scarjoycre
    All right
  • EsterYan
    Great environment, is bathroom health somewhat reluctantly
  • belinda25
    Environment is elegant, general location, but very quiet,
  • wilsonpn
    Summer should be appropriate, go a little cold in winter, hot water heat, and water.
  • junxu119
    Don't know how many times, and each trip to Suzhou pingjiang for sure, also found a significant problem, the price is not transparent, twice the same room pay the money but not the same, because her husband's parents don't want to go to your counterpart so was silent, hopes the store price standard as soon as possible, don't let customers down.