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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Suzhou Pingjiang Inn (Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou), L'hotel si trova a 33 nujia Lane, il centro dell'antica città di Suzhou, a soli 5 minuti da Guanqian Street, 5 minuti da Zhuozhheng Park, Suzhou Museum e altri famosi punti panoramici, e a dieci minuti dal parco industriale. Sia visite turistiche che attività commerciali sono molto convenienti.
L'hotel era originariamente una 'villa di Fangjia' della dinastia Ming, ricostruita dalle antiche case di Guru.La storia della locanda può essere ricondotta al periodo della rivoluzione culturale della dinastia Ming.Le camere della locanda sono sistemate secondo le case tradizionali di Suzhou, con travi in legno e tetti in piastrelle, chiostri e piccoli giardini, che sono silenziosi e silenziosi.Ogni camera degli ospiti ha il proprio bagno e sistema di riscaldamento e raffreddamento.
C'è un ristorante 'sala da pranzo' nella locanda, che cucina soprattutto cibo autentico Suzhou e raccoglie specialità locali.L'hotel dispone anche di caffetteria, 5 sale multifunzionali di diverse dimensioni, ecc., con completo svago e servizi aziendali.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Suzhou Pingjiang Inn?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Suzhou Pingjiang Inn.

  • Suzhou Pingjiang Inn dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di piscina o palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Suzhou Pingjiang Inn dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Suzhou Pingjiang Inn dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Suzhou Pingjiang Inn accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Suzhou Pingjiang Inn accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Suzhou Pingjiang Inn?

    La colazione è di CNY28 / persona.

Recensioni Ancora
  • pacificfeeling
  • e04038805
    Suitable accommodation for the spring and summer, winter is not recommended, as no heating in winter in the South, the environment is very beautiful
  • nini522
    Also, quiet and Nice, the surrounding environment good
  • Leslie Mao
  • m04640918
    The old House, the feeling is very good.
  • sunny_dreamstar
    Antique room, courtyard is poetic, is a good live experience.
  • ea5753
    Who said that today once, and knew the city had mountains. it's a graceful Inn. Although only stayed for one night and hurried, but standing in my mind, lingering. I was brewing, the next time you travel, also lived here. the Inn has good? you must come to know.
  • cdefg2333
    So so
  • asbysunbo
    Rooms vintage! great apart from wooden structure noise not how other than for reasons, others have no problem, location is also very good, located in pingjiang road, out of the door, opposite the cat
  • cc6833
    Located in pingjiang road, is a Soviet-style old building reconstruction, environmental poetic. indoor Chinese design, like joy. minimum of two days, 2/f, room floor slightly shaking, 1 peach trees in front of the building is very poetic. to sum up, the next time you stay here.
  • natsuying
    Good. good location.
  • friendsjoy
    Convenient transportation from guanqian Street and attractions are very close. housing is very characteristic, antique, through feeling. the price of value.
  • pisces39
    Hotel location is very good, go out the very South of pingjiang road, the hotel is also very characteristic of the courtyard but rooms are a little small, normally.
  • linyuan1112
    Hotel is very special, hotel located in pingjiang Road area, convenient. bar next to the hotel is very good?
  • aimiy
    Good location, house style
  • cutewing
    As always, will be admitted.
  • cici8682
    A very good environment to facilitate visitors to discover and experience life in the Suzhou gardens in Suzhou. rates slightly more expensive, but is said to be of old house renovation, the price is acceptable!
  • liuyiguilin
    Very good location, Nice. the electrical cabinet is relatively old. support is not very good. but it is well worth it.
  • David.Ji
    The unique location of the hotel, peripheral services, rich. good place to experience southern customs. highly recommended!
  • bluesun2597758
    Location is very good, in pingjiang. because it is an old House, a sense of history, estimates like one would like, a shy person will still be afraid to live, a bit of yin.
  • alan0501
    Pingjiang night too quiet, rooms at the road for the first time is hard to find!
  • jasmine0513
    Reception staff cold and indifferent. Did credit card deposit and gave me the key. Offered no advice or guidance about the hotel. Didn't have any luggage so no issue with porter except that he just scowled and slouched around. Had room on upper floor 1210. Old style of the building is fascinating and why I booked here. Room cleanliness mediocre. Old doesn't need to mean dirty. Mosquito net on bed torn. Towel had a hole in it. Really not worth the money.
  • y830422y
    Antique, strengthen the service even better!
  • NiXoR
    Shower room secretly, bath water will leak into the room! facilities need to be strengthened! nice surroundings, good location.
  • tanbm
    First said shortcomings, staying of Taoyuan, room high, light more dark, room Street, sooner or later has car passing, noise big, too noisy. advantages; mansion child, Chinese furniture antique of is has features. in culture Street in, shopping shop, night market very convenient. is famous of Inn. is beautiful, satisfaction. go of when forget development votes has, Hou call requirements fill open invoice, also didn't problem, hope as soon as possible sent to.
  • everwang
    Pingjiang Inn in Suzhou ancient city, is downtown. to Lion forest, clumsy political Park, Museum can walk, to Tiger, Maple Town, shantang Street, Hanshan Temple, sat bus not traffic of situation Xia, are only 10 minutes around of car drive. location is good. Inn is old of wood House transformation of, appearance looks old. just open room of when, does somewhat tide taste, but has air conditioning. himself except about wet on no effect has. service and health, since has to experience Ah, I think... If you want to experience true residential feel in the South, should this stay ... good ... Oh, and later in pingjiang road, Nice at night, sometimes there will be a more than 80-year old Grandpa blows his lips piano. lamp at the door of the Inn, when lit up at night, very warm.
  • y9113lp
    Hotel location very good, away from pingjiang Road Street only 5 meters, away from Pro Metro Line 1 line Pro meal road probably 300 meters, to clumsy political Park, lion forest, soubo walk 20 minutes can to. room is ancient House transformation of, night compared dark, wood door not noise, floor go up also Tickle Tickle ring. we national during in Suzhou live three late, first late in here, shopping pingjiang road very convenient, experience about can, next not consider live here, price not high.
  • e01581716
    This and friends with to Suzhou play, in Raiders Shang see recommended pingjiang Inn, hotel on in ancient street pingjiang road, away from all attractions are is near. accommodation really of is has features! door has a small garden, inside antique of, just think lights also is too dark has, then night back also found quilt Shang has soil, may is from roof Shang fell to of's, other are is good.
  • yiluxun
    Square courtyard for more than 400 years, the quaint, hygiene, good Oh. easy, humble Administrator's Garden, lion Grove 15 minutes by walk, morning through the rain in pingjiang road, quiet relaxation, where there is noise of the day!
  • flydragon001
    Antique, unique
  • damn it
    Good location. when booking want to experience the feeling of the old House, live performance is not very high.
  • nwgwall
    Inn's location is more remote and are not easy to find, but pingjiang road next to the Inn is definitely worth a visit, so it's very convenient ... very unique, give us a taste of a previous family is kind of living environment. a bit through the feeling of Oh.
  • liubo_dr
    Going out is the famous pingjiang naozhongqujing, rooms with Chinese characteristics, less noise
  • jj4canada
    I and husband Dragon Boat Festival to Suzhou play, set has here. senior rooms is beauty, pushed Windows views very good, is quiet, chic, to has we is big of surprise. hotel of location is good, almost on in pingjiang road. to garden and views Qian Street are is near, walk on can has. only bad of place is, may is House too old has, somewhat wet, bathroom has little taste, not effect live. bath or toilet, stay long has smell with uncomfortable. recommends, can in healthPut some dried flowers like, to taste.
  • investor
    Antique, the geographical position is superior, left is the pingjiang road going out ... the only drawback is the air conditioning not cold enough.
  • AdamGORE
    Housing main body is the Ming dynasty 'Fang' homes, antique, even at night, some dark, of course, which is why he features, overall quite satisfied with this accommodation. Service is also very good, WiFi is free, inadvertently in the corner there are some gadgets are very interesting, well worth a stay.
  • jing2guo
    Overall good taste was enough at a time
  • fifix
    Old House into Inn, small inside and there are a number of different garden, very unique. personally prefer the quiet courtyard pingjiang Lu, opinions differ, somewhat loud. a tip; r could pull carpet, felt color and texture not in accord with the room directly exposed brick surface might be better ~~!
  • casper_yu
    Old House, charm, recommended renovation renovations to improve occupancy comfort.
  • Docaud
    In pingjiang road, convenient shopping street. House is 400 years old house in the Ming dynasty, antique ... interesting!
  • gabrielamaomao
    Located in pingjiang road, go out the attractions is also close from guanqian Street, the most recommended is the old House of the Ming dynasty but also can use the modern facilities, great!
  • andlixin
    Hotel is very characteristic, location good. live on the first floor, health was good, not so bad as individual people.
  • e02206743
    Service is very good, especially the front desk tell good at home, and commended! leave Windows open for ventilation, then rain, a phone call back, would have to close the window. and so on, small very nice at the front desk?
  • jsrui
    Old House, service, make
  • dudu64
  • jpdeng
    Recent trip to Suzhou, are his family, especially his family, live on the first floor, door is a small yard. in pingjiang road, stroll tired, buy some snacks and tea back and rest a while, and then continue.
  • offsidefaw
  • JYJ8023
    Hotel location in small alleys, parking not convenient, very unique, old House, the room facilities is the imitation of ancient.
  • isMine
    Chinese traditional-style Inn, feel really different, non-Western Hotel, fly in the ointment is the bad air conditioning, very noisy. other places to eat such as with private kitchen, experience will be more perfect.
  • Beyondcloud
    The hotel is in a great location. It is an historic building that has been made into a hotel, but somehow it still feels like it has not been adequately updated. The staff at the desk did not seem to be very friendly. My friend found the bed to be too firm for comfort.