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cissyiiscore:4.5 / 52018-05-25

Location is very good, can feel like Suzhou, even if it is raining in the Inn, will not feel bored.
Beyondcloudscore:3.3 / 52018-05-22

The hotel is in a great location. It is an historic building that has been made into a hotel, but somehow it still feels like it has not been adequately updated. The staff at the desk did not seem to be very friendly. My friend found the bed to be too firm for comfort.
jiaojian2006score:5.0 / 52018-05-22

So years, see with pingjiang road increasingly commercial, various hotel have sprung up out to, here real of Suzhou old house features of hotel of price is has been didn't moving. so now seems, price advantage very highlight. but problem also is highlight, almost is five-star of external environment four star of room layout even below budget hotel of wash supplies. how said does? towel many hole also in with, wash sent liquid and bathing liquid really not know is what constitute of, almost notFoams, also worried about its composition. WIFI need to borrow equipment. recommends that the boss makes, or is bad.
alex_ddscore:3.8 / 52018-05-16

Surroundings characteristic, also Suzhou hotel features
e00523087score:4.0 / 52018-05-15

Sounds good, recommended
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